Monday, May 28, 2007

The Last Shall Be First

Tis I who miss you
said the double to the single
when the clockface cracked
and I turned back
and there you were.

Have you recovered
from the flu
and not discovered
someone new
to take my place?

To forgive is blessed
(your tits in my vest)
but an arm in a sling
is a wounded bra
and I get to sing
of you and your wound.

We might live in a theory
and drink in a bar
but it is your bra
for if you are Alice
(said the wedding guest)
I must be phallus.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Last Writes

Too long sweets
since je suis ecrits
mon francais
is tres mal
so you will forgive me
and for the long spell
of calme.
I have un babe
with an brise arm --

And for days je mange
just balloons and dust
and filled myself with
enough wonder to lift
off this livre
and morfondre
to deflate so to place
these thoughts ici.

Will you find them, lapin?
Have you tottered away
to nibble another pomme?

Oh chérie, fais-moi atterrir...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

No one, no fun, no tell, no smell

Don't listen, don't hear
Go tell in the hotel
Drink a cocktail
Pink and rock sale
Link and cock tale
Mink and sock, fail
Nobody is listening
My command of
Is in the land of
Cattle bottom love
Butt fluk the glove
Don't whistle, don't fear
Rookie is a chip cookie
And I am not a bookie
So don't call me nookie