Friday, June 27, 2008

Loving the Blues

What is kink?
And why are we attracted to it?
What do we discover about ourselves?

Can you define that please?
Are toys necessary?
Which have you used in the last year?

Is sex with your partner an example?
Of what?
Of mutual masturbation?

What is a facial?
Can you get one at the spa?
Did your regular masseuse goes awol?

What happens then?
What do you mean you never?
Would you accept a substitute?

Would you let a man enter your ass?
Does it hurt?
Does the pleasure outweigh the pain?

Would you respect a man who let you?
Is cockhood a physical or metaphysical entity?
How about cunthood?

What about the word cunt do you hate?
Does your hot boyfriend whisper cunt in your ear?
Would he let your voice curl up in his ear?