Sunday, March 25, 2007

Deep down the long dark country road

My eye was universal.
You gave heat to sheer
nylon taupe so brave.
He raved or she craved
the oui of a Paris year
party girl or panty gril
and not named Sal or Jill
with a rack a hill and a ball.

You shamed wet there.
I loved silky hair.
Weep who will I share
your care for all I sin
for all why song
can't be wrong if you're
the swell of my azure.
Be czar my love win long.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Tummy time again,
percosex and gin

I am prickly.

Cocksure surgeon
(no sturgeon, but
yes one purpose in life
and all upstream)
grabs the wrong spool
sews up my hole
with ragged edged thread
that does not dissolve
but catches puckers reds.

The last vestige of umbilicus
chewed and sewn into a hard frown.

Health, love, sisters, death, babies,
first year, spring, Easter,
work, wish I was here.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

So's Yours

Where have you been, sipping gin in
the inn across the street from the heat, beat?
I'm talking to the guy who eyes me in the window though
I've always said no go.
He's on a cunt hunt.
So I said to him, Jim,
Thanks but no thanks and you can wank
Upstairs where I can catch you unawares.
Who do you think you are, Beaver Cleaver?
You're talking to Sally, the gally across the alley.
Thank you for inviting me to your bachelor pad, cad.
Did you think like a kid I was born, say, yesterday?
You've always hedged bets and said let's.
This gin is no sin but a kiss for sis.
If you are my ex than what is sex, Rex?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Making Loopy (Who Me?)

Another funny sunny honey
for him
I mean for me
two moons for tea
one puss feeds three
ye shall see
and slip the money
in the crack
when you go
and don't turn back