Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Last Writes

Too long sweets
since je suis ecrits
mon francais
is tres mal
so you will forgive me
and for the long spell
of calme.
I have un babe
with an brise arm --

And for days je mange
just balloons and dust
and filled myself with
enough wonder to lift
off this livre
and morfondre
to deflate so to place
these thoughts ici.

Will you find them, lapin?
Have you tottered away
to nibble another pomme?

Oh chérie, fais-moi atterrir...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

O Molly sweet Molly
pas mauvais de tout

My bebe is thee
My dream is you

Like a rabbit
with a habit

I haunt your warren
and sneak into your garden.

-- An Admirer

2:20 AM  

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