Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old things

The birthday happened yesterday.  Today there's the leftover wrapping and a throb that says "too much" with each pound.  Molly has a confession.

I bought an antique yesterday.  Not like Molly.  To want old wood around.  But the idea amused,  intrigued me.  So I found a small sewing chest in dark stained wood with dainty flowers painted on its front.  Not in any way a thing I would normally look at.  But yesterday it seemed the thing.  So it was finagled from the dealer.  And it sits in my bedroom and looks lost.  My birthday gift to myself.


Blogger Lord Charlie said...

The birth of the day
and the mirth of the sun
makes me want to stay
in a bed of cool green
or on a blanket of grass
under a palm tree
watching you walk
into the sea, watching
you sway admiring the view
of you walking toward the sea
knowing you'll return to me.

1:30 PM  

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