Saturday, July 19, 2008

Male Enhancement

I can't stand the commercials for "male enhancement" on TV -- bad acting, fake script, "real science."

Viagra is a net plus from the female point of view as far as reliability of erection maintenance. By and large.

I do not believe that the concept of "cock" can be fabricated with a toy.

I believe in the beauty of the female body and its relation to the reproduction of the species.

Somehow it always sounds like consolation when people tell women how powerful are the mothers, how powerful are they,

The mother of a son will love him better than anyone, but let's look at it from her point of view.

She has tits and every painting is a tribute to her tits and her hips and even her belly.

One committee is as good as another for constructing the anatomical destiny of the race.

Friday, July 11, 2008

So Many Literalists

There are so many literalists out there instead of "literalists of the imagination" (Marianne Moore).
I went out with one of them last night.
He looked at me and saw a pair of tits pointing upward good child-bearing hips plummy ass nice belly that could grow big with seed.
According to Baudelaire, the answer to "too many literalists" is "do many literalists."
A critic was walking beneath my window and I dropped a vase on his head without smashing the flowers.
He looked up and saw nothing.
The gods and angels were laughing.
The critic said: "Make life beautiful!"
The poet said: "Life IS beautiful."
Who was right?
I'll just say this.
The poet was a literalist of the imagination.
Reader, I married him.