Friday, October 20, 2006

Molly Writes a Two-Part Poem and Dedicates it to You

You leave a clue in public, a leaf in a swimming pool.
They let you get away with it. They smoke they pipe and they fool
They people. The indolent detective hobbles on one foot.
The god doctor who develops the potion, collects the loot,
And the frat boy uses X to sedate and Y to seduce the lost
Lady not yet twenty-one and already an adulteress. The loss
Stings, though she is stoic, and feels that the less
Said the better. And if Alice had a phallus, what a mess.
A lapsed Catholic, she stopped going to mass
When they dropped Latin, and lost her virginity when still a miss.
In her mind is a scientist and in the scientists's mind the moon
Is a monster and the monster heaves a moan.
And if Alice had a phallus, she would need no moat
To protect her virtue. You get to eat meat
Five days a week in this century. On weekends you meet
And nibble on mushrooms atop of clouds on which the blonde will melt
With a giant ape on the apex of a building. The climax will be felt
If not earned, and will have nothing to do with her horny feet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not have horny feet.
If I did not love your words like cake I'd make you take that back.
- Alice

1:19 AM  

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