Thursday, October 12, 2006

the parts of the body

The parts of the body
equal the parts of speech.

The head is the subject.
The hair is the adjective.
The neck is the predicate nominative.
If I were asked I would say the lips are subjunctive.
Lips move like verbs and words come out.
The moving of the lips is the verb.

Also, tits can be the subject.
Cock can be the subject.
Nipples are the object of the preposition.
Testicles can function as either a gerund or a participle
and sometimes a dangling participle.

I didn't teach the middle school youngsters of our republic's future for the last fifteen hours or days or weeks or months without a sleeping pill and with kids of my own and walk down the corridors and see them in front of their lockers for nothing, the nude little darlings!


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