Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Kissing Wink

Here's to you, the kissing wink, the missing link, the fisting drink, the lasting blink, the wasting drink, the fasting jinx, the cat who thinks, the kitty ho flinch, the ass that got pinched, and O O O O, you must be the one who sat on the stool when I was a fool and you were so cool and we were in school.

So do I love you or what?

Be your caterpillar and oh so so so. Oh no. Don't go. Be my Alice, and I shall be your caterpillar and we shall sit on top of a mushroom and smoke a pipe. If you shall chew then I shall be true and you will know who says I do. Welcome back, and no attack.

You and not your son, you and not your salt, you and not your czar because we are not in Russia and where we are is where there are little stars crumbling and God whirling through like the wind along the great white milky way.

I serve the greater god by loving you.


Anonymous Alice said...

You dodge the bimbo and clod from on that stool!

You curve a greater rod when shoving truth.

I am better loved when loved by you.

1:15 AM  

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