Sunday, February 04, 2007

When Friends Depart

There are several possibilities:
(A) When friends lave (I mean leave, I like it when they lave, and sometimes they love but that's another complication) and you see them once a year and then once every two ears and then once every three eras and then they get divorced or you have Baby # 1 and you move to California and that is the virtual end. Should you sob?
(B) There are also friends that become enemies and you wonder whether they always were and you just didn't know it.
So I ask you all: what is the difference between friend and rival and friendly rival?
When does a friend become an enemy?
Can you lose a friend or will you always have that friend?
Is this wishful thinking or should I just take a bath and read Emerson on "Friendship"?
Advice, please, Miss Sanders?
Thank you.


Anonymous Alice said...

Friendship has no roots in flesh or blood.

I say it must be spiritual or it'll drown itself in virtual eras, I mean eros, er, tears.

11:41 AM  

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