Monday, February 05, 2007

Miss Hue

Is Blue

The color of lost

Molly's aloning
not boning

in the belly
head ache and
the following
of woe:

I've pinched small babes and hated dogs
I've slapped a nun, exploded frogs
I've cut buttons from your best shirts
I've stolen half of your dessert
I've opened your letters and read them all
And still there's this that is c'est mal

I've missed my sea man,
(From your #1 fan)
I have been ill
filled only with pills
this no communication
is conjugal starvation
or orgiastic pain
and no one's gain.
So though there's no humming
pen nib or velluming
I'm out here in cyber
in a recuperative hyber-
nation for no certain time
but when better I'll chime
and give you hellos
that start from my toes.

- Miss Sing Hue (a.k.a. Molly F. Arden)


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