Monday, January 29, 2007

Molly Gets Letters

The letters we get go from A to z with twenty-four stops between
like the apple eaten in the thoughtless morning
or the zoological metaphor that gives the conspirators away
like a violin "giving itself to someone"
in a French "new wave" movie of the 1960s.
Get over it.
Dear Molly Arden:
What's your real name?
What's your position on Lebanon?
Can I petititon you later on?
Did you go to the mall to protest the war?
Dear MA,
Are you a housewife in drag?
Are you a husband in disguise?
Am I wise?
How can I save my marriage?
Dear Molly,
What do you do when the dog barks?
B stands for B, C for codpiece, D for dingus.
Dear Molly,
What does M stand for? Does A stand for it?
When you stand, what is under you?
What don't you understand?
If I type real fast "poems" comes out "popems."
Is that what you mean by the enrichment of errors?
Sincerely yours, Molly.


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