Friday, October 27, 2006

Magic Trick Death Taxi Jezebel Bitch Earring

When I get to New York I'm going straight to the bright whore dirty art around window cage tree cage light dick death taxi show.

Take me there and you can kiss my ass in Macy's window, shaking and baking like a point guard. You can blame it on the blossom ova or the bossa nova or the dance from Brazil or the chance of a spill.

Bury my middle in Middlebury!

I hope you know how excited I am to be with you and in the bright whore dirty martini around window cage free cape fight lick death taxi show.

O how I long to be the gal I used to be! Fascinate my rhythm, city of New York.


Anonymous Victor Y. said...

Do tell
about No Tell. . .

There's a wall
and not a wail
I was tall
and on your tail
Did we ball
or did we bail?

So sail
don't sell
don't fail
do fall

& do tell
about No Tell

10:27 AM  

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