Friday, September 22, 2006

Man Love

Molly's always one to gush for a woman who loves her man. Man love is a powerful thing.

A woman under the haze of Sinatra bases loaded tight cigar fedora tighter rhyme good form
my god that woman will go to great depths faraway lands swim dark rivers blind while keeping sharks at bay with bits of her own flesh.

Do you mind?
It seems some people do.
Oh, little people who'd break your new bike (banana seat/high rise handlebars) because theirs isn't/wasn't/will never be as good. Little people who didn't get enough tit as babies, enough attention as adolescents and are always in search of replacements and receptacles for their utter despair.

No love for haters.
Mad props for the woman who loves her man and all he does.

Penelope, you keep your ass in that bed and you just know in your bones that old Odysseus is comin' to get some no matter what those fucks outside the door been tellin' you.


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