Friday, December 14, 2007

Poets, etc.

We're poets and we don't need to know calculus syringes
the legal implications of incorporating
versus a limited partnership in the English sense
nautical miles or the metrical system.

What an admirable ass has that hussy who just passed.

And we came and we sat and we waited.
Everyone hoped Molly would read what she had created.
But it was not fated
to be although the fates hated
to disappoint the community of the gated.

Not correct! Not correct! That is my goal:
O all you ass holes (two words, please note),
in the digestive system of any of us
this is what I wrote:
the boss is always an ass hole,
the ass hole is the boss.
So fuck you.

Give a thought to Molly or a "Frank" for her thoughts. Do.


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