Tuesday, October 23, 2007

They Were Being Assholes

I have been jealous, unkind, mean.
It is easy to be an asshole
When you are surrounded
by human assholes.

Is it possible that this is what God hath wrought?

Is it likely that if the dance floor were suddenly lit
and those boys – grinding to Cincinnati-born rapper Dr. Dre -
their hands stuffed so far up the stiff prom fabric of women they
might be asked to go and might fall into the great depression
and leave the contiguous 48 states for good.

But this is what happened after the dreams and the prom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell Cynthietic
this boy
needs her to head up
the visiting team on April 6

Good times will abound in Vt
Nice digs at the Cortina

you can come too
but anything involving you is a nebulous

maybe an act of contrition

Juam Pablo de Vega

11:40 AM  

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