Monday, September 03, 2007

School rhymes with rule, fool, tool, drool

Every year it's the same. Labor Day is blue Monday.

"When is she expecting? "Labor Day," her husband said.

Due diligence means I am driving my car into the past. Vermont fades in the rear-view mirror like the image of Eurydice abandoned by Orpheus.

The dirty secret of death is it stinks. There's nothing admirable in failure. I'm back and I'm alive.

You walk down the corridors of the school where you were once a citizen and now you are invisible.

But your tits remain alert in your sweater and you walk out the door when classes end and a new season of revisionist history begins.

And then you know how it feels when the fools with the limited tools talk about you with envy on their breath like salami.

But I'm back and I'm alive and I'm going to work on Tuesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faster! Faster!
What's in your bag?

Hope you didn't leaf without your kisses from some one.


11:15 PM  

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