Sunday, December 09, 2007


What happened to the country below the border
of childhood?

What happened to the black cat?

The names of restaurants tell you little
but we continue to eat baked pussy
with caviar like a tourist
asking a blind man for directions
why did Edgar Allan changed his last name to Poet?

Yet I miss the life beyond these walls
this room a universe centering on my bed

Most people are either assholes
or pains in the ass
but I wasn't most people
frequenting the always empty sex shop
a front for drug money

after all Everything is a front
if not an insult

Molly's tits are a front to conceal
she asks two questions only
from the highest point in the town

The boys miss them and you, they say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Donne to Done







---Jacques de Monay

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Jacques Strahp said...

when did Edgar Allan change his last name to Poet?
what was it before?

1:08 AM  

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