Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bruno Walker makes an appearance

Molly has a new admirer. His name is Bruno
And what he wants is you know
Which is what I want too.
A little earthly happiness would be heaven.

When we met he said his last name was 111.
That dog won't hunt, I said, with a fuck you
look in my eyes. But he was a go-getter
and he said his last name was Walker,

and before that it was Walter.
And he said he would write me a love letter
and compose symphonies in my honor

And he said he would do it right
or write me a series of love poems. Well, sir,
you ghost them, I'll post them on this site.


Anonymous Jerry Martin said...

how come the navy gets the gravy while the army gets the beans?

9:31 PM  
Anonymous dean lewis said...

i love you

9:56 PM  

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