Monday, December 11, 2006

I would say it is time

I would say it is time. It is time and temperature.
Go ahead, make that call.
Say, have you seen Karen Volkman's sonnets in the latest issue of "jubilat"? They're divine, especially the one beginning with the line, "Nice knuckle, uncle. Nice hat, hornet." The rhyme scheme is as subtle as a hooded figure in a medieval village on a snowy day in Europe with evil black birds circling overhead.
I love the word evil as in "she's evil" said with a laugh after listening to M. discuss her latest exquisite predicament.
Because mirrors reverse images, we never see outselves as others see us except in photographs or movies. That is why movies mesmerize, even bad ones. They used to, anyway. The new ones are too mediocre to sustain my attention. Mediocre is boring as evil is not. The relation of the word "mediocre" in that sentence to the word "medieval" in the sentence about the hooded figure interests me.
What I really wrote was "subtle as a clitoris."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it interests you because it's subtle as a hoooded clitoris in a medieval village. I'd love to be in Europe with black birds circling mine (rhyme or no rhyme).
- Alice

9:41 AM  

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