Saturday, December 09, 2006

Singing in the sun, rain, snow, and sleet

I love this comment from Her, and by Her do I mean Herman Neutics or what?

<< We're takin' turns
around this joint
but sometimes worried we'll disapoint.
But you're not home and I'm alone and
We're taking turns
and I'm turned on
so I diddle and wait for your return
to take a turn
cause we're taking turns.
So turn it high
cause you're my guy
(in the kitchen in the bedroom)
I think you're fly. >>

What can I add? Let's see:

We're takin' turns
at home or in school
where love burns
and I'm a fool
for (a) love and (b) you
and you want to --
and I do too --
so let's take turns.

Let's take turns
and then let's case
this joint
and not disappoint.

The bedroom's the place
where love discerns
the outcome of the race
which is a tie
because he's her guy
and she's the reason why
they're takin' turns.


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