Friday, September 01, 2006

My Testament

What Molly Arden says, goes.
I say: what Molly Arden says goes.
Sez who? Sez me. Say what? Say hose.
Because I am Molly Arden.
Because Molly Arden knows.

If I weren't Molly Arden who would I be?
O, if I weren't Molly Arden who would I be?
Not you or you, you, you. What Molly Arden says
In this room stays
In this room. Kapisch?

When Molly Arden says "it's the end of an ear"
It means a crackpot linguist or a revered
Character actor has kicked the bucket,
Turned out the lights, gone in one era
And out the other.

When Molly Arden tells the truth
you know it's the truth
and it's not wasted on the young
like a drop of precious liquor
on your perfect pink tongue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So who are you?

9:07 PM  

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